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Automatic Driveway Gates in Halifax

If you want to amp up your property’s security from trespassers, you should consider installing an automatic driveway gate as an option. Macdonald Fencing provides automatic driveway gates for both residential and commercial clients in Halifax. It’s an additional way to ensure your property, and those residing on it are safe. Our gates have helped many by increasing comfort and convenience. Not only can they help you create boundaries for pets and children, but they can also make it very easy for you to maintain high levels of safety and security on your property.

If you’d like to learn more about our automatic driveway gates in Halifax, please speak to us.

Types of Automatic Gates

Depending on your budget, needs, space etc., you can choose from one of the three most popular types of automatic gates:

Swing Gates: Swing gates generally have two doors on each side, which swing in the same direction when the user requires access, similar to a hinged door. These gates are incredibly easy to install and operate.
Slide Gates : Swing gates generally have two doors on each side, which swing in the same direction when the user requires access, similar to a hinged door. These gates are incredibly easy to install and operate.
Vertical Lift Gates : Swing gates generally have two doors on each side, which swing in the same direction when the user requires access, similar to a hinged door. These gates are incredibly easy to install and operate.

We can help you find the ideal automatic driveway gate in Halifax. Please reach out to us to know more about our gates, fencing or railings.

Advantages of Automatic Driveway Gates

Are you debating whether or not to install an automated gate on your property? Please consider the following benefits : 


  • They give you complete control over your security and privacy.

  • You can directly control to open and close the gate from your car. You will not be bothered by snow or rain.

  • They add the value to your property

  • They keep unauthorized vehicles out of your driveway.

Cost to Install Automatic Driveway Gate 

There is no set standard for automated gates. When you're seeking to invest in one, you will have to assess the many factors that affect the final installation price. These considerations include: 

  • The type of gate you require 

  • The dimensions of the gate you need 

  • The material of the gate

Please get in touch with us for a quote. We can also provide you with premium fencing systems for your property.


Contact us 


MacDonald Fencing can install customized access control systems from LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® for residential, multi-family, commercial, or industrial properties. Your gate will slide or swing open at the push of a button, and you can change your passcode whenever you want.. You can count on MacDonald Fencing to bring you the most advanced technology and best quality products in the industry to help you make your life more convenient. Contact us now.

Miscellaneous Projects

Aside from fencing, gates, and railings, MacDonald Fencing has recognized other popular needs of home and business owners. Among these were safe solutions for housing pets, covering bumper posts, and offering protection fences for various types of ball sports. As a result, we have included these items in our product line:

  • Dog kennels

  • Bollard covers

  • Sport grids

  • Temporary fence panels

  • Gates (residential)

  • Vinyl garden accessories

  • Clothes poles lines

  • T-clothes

Temporary fencing & construction panels

Temporary Fence

We carry an assortment of T-bars, galvanized post and chain link or rigid utility wire for construction sites that need in-ground protective barriers. We can deliver products to your site or provide pricing on the supply and installation of temporary fence materials.

Construction Panels

Construction Panels are an effective security solution for various temporary residential or commercial projects. Looking to keep animals from your garden, protecting your pets, securing swimming pools prior to permanent fencing, garden centers, beer gardens or mock jails, protecting inventory and or equipment, temporary barriers or limiting access to construction sites are many reasons why clients look to rent low-cost portable above-ground construction panels.

Panels are available for pickup or we can ship to your location. We also offer local delivery or delivery, set-up and take-downs at your construction site or special event location. New and used panels are available for purchase as well.

Control Barriers

We manufacture control barriers for special events where crowd control is necessary. 8’wide connective barriers x 42” high. Great solution for crowd management or traffic control. We also manufacture heavy-duty vehicle/pedestrian control barriers for long term construction sites using concrete jersey barriers topped with chain link panels for superior protection in high traffic areas.

Dog kennel panels

Kennel Panels

The inception of our company! Back in 1972, the original founder of our business, Corporal Lorne MacDonald, while employed by the former City of Dartmouth’s Police Department, trained and become the first Dog Master on their force. Living and working together, side by side, on-call 24 hours a day, with his canine partner, MacDonald expertly designed and manufactured a top quality kennel to house his beloved companion. This resulted in numerous requests to re-produce and sell to other colleagues and friends in his spare time.

Corporal MacDonald Kennel Panels

Since that time we have supplied other dog masters, animal trainers, breeders, boarding kennels, veterinary hospitals and hundreds of pet owners with housing solutions. We are known for providing safety with superior design and quality construction.

Our standard panels are available in widths of 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ and 15’ and standard heights are 5’ and 6’ high. Door panels are available in widths ranging from 4’ to 12’. Our standard 6’ high door panels are constructed with a 5’ high door over a one ft. step-over for easy of opening door in snow conditions. Our frames are constructed with 15/16” galvanized pipe, residential 11 galvanized mesh, fully enclosed clips and a lockable safety flip-latch. 9 gauges vinyl-coated meshes or 9 gauges galvanized commercial mesh for the larger, more muscular or aggressive pet.

We also manufacture custom designed panels for those site specific, detailed projects for breeders, boarders or facilities that require interior or external divisional partitions.

Vehicle & oil tank protection

Vehicle and Tank Protection / Bollards

A bollard is a short, high impact post used as a visual guide for traffic control, mark boundaries and to protect buildings, propane and oil tanks. Bollards come in various sizes and styles. Standard bollards are generally galvanized post, dug and set in concrete, then concrete filled for maximum protection. Plated bollards are also being used indoors, in warehouses, for asset protection or where digging or drilling is not an option.
For high visibility; reflective tape, florescent paint or cover with a brightly colored post guard. 
We are dealers for Sure Guard Post Covers.
Sure Guard covers are made with high density polyethylene (HDPE) that fit easily and securely over existing posts to improve property appearance, visibility and safety. No painting or maintenance required. Sure Guard covers come in a variety of diameters, heights and colors. Custom colors, symbols and logos are available.

Barrier gates

Affordable barrier gates prevent unauthorized vehicle access on residential or commercial properties. Ideal for farms, rural properties and commercial properties were vehicular traffic is unwanted or unsupervised.
Having peace of mind that your home, land, or business is gated and secure is just one less thing to worry about. 
Single or double gates are constructed of heavy duty, galvanized pipe customized to suit your specific measurements. Our heavy duty gates are less likely to bend or twist compared to light weight residential frames. We supply hinge and lock posts, hinges, brackets, hardware, and lock assemblies if required.

Farm fence & agricultural products

Farms gates for animal control are affordable custom made and available in various sizes from 4‘wide to 12’wide. Constructed of light weight, commercial galvanized pipe, customized to suit your specific needs. We supply latches and hinges for wood or steel gate post installation.
We carry an assortment of light-weight, standard painted and galvanized T-bars and 6’ high rigid 14 gauge utility wire. We provide pricing and availability on a large assortment of agricultural and welded rolls of wire mesh.

Wire partitions

Looking to block off or segregate specific areas? We manufacture wire partitions for divisional and security purposes. Wire partitions allow light, air flow and visibility, while blocking access to unwanted guests.

Tempered safety glass

We specially order custom-sized tempered safety glass for fence, deck rails and other DIY specialty projects such as table or coffee table covers, greenhouses or shelving. Available in clear, smoked or specialty colors and a variety of thicknesses.

Welding services

Welding Shop on site. Certified MIG welder is available building gates, panels, handrails, cutting and plating post services. Available to help you with special in-home or commercial projects.



Protect your property with our automatic driveway gates in Halifax. Contact our team for more information.

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