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Chain Link Fence in Porters Lake for Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Chain link fencing has been the product of choice for security fencing because of its strength, corrosion resistance, see-through capabilities, ease of installation, versatility, the variety of product selection, and value. A commercial chain link fence is one of the primary building blocks for a facility’s perimeter security system. The physical security barrier provided by a chain link fence gives notice of the legal boundary of the outermost limits of a facility, and assists in controlling and screening authorized entries into a secured area, by deterring entry elsewhere along the boundary.

A commercial chain link fence will create a psychological deterrent to intruders from penetrating a secured area by presenting a barrier that requires an overt action to enter or causes a delay, to obtain access to a property, thereby increasing the possibility of detection and apprehension of unauthorized individuals.

Our experienced fencers have completed a vast array of commercial and industrial projects for business owners, major contractors, municipal, provincial and federal agencies. From recreational fencing to high-grade security fencing, we can provide temporary or long-term solutions for your project. We offer increased safety and protection from danger, enhanced aesthetic appeal, or improved organization for both interior and exterior designated areas. We supply and install various recreational projects such as:

  • Ballfields

  • Backstops & dugouts

  • Tennis court fencing

  • Basketball courts

  • Commercial swimming pool enclosures

  • Playground fencing

We have completed commercial compounds and institutional, high-end containment facilities, as well as correctional service fencing. We also complete repairs or upgrades to existing installations. Security and safety is our top priority – MacDonald Fencing can provide solutions.

Consider the ornamental qualities of iron fencing, too.



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