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Your Wood Fence in Halifax and Dartmouth: Solid. Private. Classic.

When deciding what kind of fence you want for your property, there are many different factors to consider. You want something that will be long-lasting and durable, that will match well with the exterior of your home, and that will work within your budget. If that sounds just like what you're looking for, then MacDonald Fencing recommends a wood fence in Dartmouth for you.

Wood fences have long been a top choice amongst homeowners looking to add visual appeal to their property. Wooden fences have the most obvious benefit of a classic look. From picket to privacy, they can be made to have different design details depending on your individual taste, but in the end, wood will always come out looking timeless.

Wood Fence Installation

Whereas every project is individual and site-specific, we can offer a variety of installation procedures depending on the nature and contour of your landscaping. Whether we follow the contour of your grade or step your sections to provide level rails, the choice is yours to decide. We carry quality pressure treated materials, available in green or micropro sienna. We use 4" x 4" wood posts for picket or courtyard fencing and 6" x 6" wood posts for solid privacy fencing. We also provide an option for installing wood sections on galvanized steel post. All posts are dug below our frost lines and set in concrete. If we encounter solid rock with wood post installations, we drill into the rock and boot the post for a solid foundation.

Calculating quotations for wood fences, depending on design selection, height, dig conditions, and overall footage, will vary the 'per foot' cost of your project. Many clients choose to combine wooden fences and chain link, complementing your roadside appeal with decorative beauty, and securing the remainder of the property to keep the project within your desired budget.

Wood fences can last for decades, making them a sound investment for your home. If it is properly and professionally installed, you will be able to enjoy your wood fence for years to come.



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