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Quality Chain-Link Fences in Halifax

MacDonald Fencing has provided custom chain-link fence services in Halifax for over 40 years. We offer new installation, expansions, and repairs for your residential homeowners and commercial business. Get in touch with us if you are looking to install new chain link fences in Halifax


Why Choose Chain Link Fencing?

There are many options of fencing available on the market. Each option has different purposes and benefits. Here are some of the benefits of chain link fencing:

  • Durable: Chain link fencing can be made from a variety of materials which offer varied ranges of durability. You can either pick the vinyl or galvanized steel coated types if your main goal is to have the longest lasting chain link fence.

  • Quick installation: Compared to other fencing options, chain link fences can be installed more easily.

  • Variety of design options: Chain link fencing is available in a wide range of designs. The fencing materials can also be made to have specific thickness or style. If you have limited space, there’s an option for you.

  • Ease of maintenance: Once installed, there’s not much that you need to do in order to keep them in a working condition. 

Uses of Chain Link Fencing

  • Providing Security: Whether it is a residential property or commercial property, a chain link topped with barbed wire is a great way to ensure the necessary security.

  • Defining Boundaries: Chain link fencing provides both security and boundaries. The main reason people prefer it is that it does not block the view at all.

  • Industrial Buildings and Factories: It helps keep workers from going into places of the industrial/factory area that they don’t belong as well as keeping trespassers out completely.



Our team will make sure your new fence fits your budget and needs.

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